What I’m About

I’m about adventure and feeling like I’m part of the world.

I’m about eating delicious food that arouses your senses and you find yourself thinking about it days later.

I’m about enjoying a velvety cabernet, a juicy IPA, or a ritzy dirty martini. (I’d prefer not in that order or sequence, but it’s been known to happen.)

I’m about laughing. Laughing so hard and so much that it makes you feel like everything is okay and life really is beautiful.

I’m about music. Not just listening, but absorbing it. Feeling the chords and notes beat through your ears. Bonding with the lyrics and loving the fact someone else has felt those things and you’re not alone in them.

I’m about style and becoming more comfortable owning my own vibe.

I’m about my exuberant daughter and teaching her about the world with my badass husband. Goal is a happy medium of not sticking an iPad in her face and letting her fall down a YouTube k-hole, but also not only letting her wear cruelty-free diapers and eat free-range applesauce. I’m a 90’s kid so going for something like that with less stereotyping.

I’m about finding that balance of being an individual and also now being a mom and understanding how to handle that weight. Yoga has helped me realize nothing is set in stone. It’s all an experience and it’s up to you to be as aware (or not) as you can be.

I’m about digesting and experiencing life. I’m about all these things and so much more. The sound of the ocean waves but also the vibrancy of cities; Krusty the Clown and Randy Marsh; home repairs and getting trashed in Vegas; deep conversations & philosophizing; movie and TV junkie, journaling and trying to figure out if I’m crazy or not.

I think about these things all the time and my heads in the clouds because of that. Why can’t every day be more like our loves and less like an endless march to the office? I’m hoping this blog will help me find that out and if that kind of life, the good life that we only get glimpses of once in a while, is possible for a new normal. If you’re reading this and feel all that, let’s keep our head in the clouds together. Let’s get high, momma!

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