Can I Get a “Yeah Girl”?

Or “samezies” or “you’re not alone, high momma” ?

I was minding my business, catching up on my blogging fundamentals for WordPress in betwixt checking some other emails in my endless inbox. I clicked on something from Sephora (sure, queue the Halloween theme music b/c that killed any productivity).

I found myself on this product. Now I’ll be god-damned if I am not about to be completely out of the realm of using this but as I found myself thinking that I started wondering who this was for. Then I read a few comments and LOL-ed at the first review because it was insanely awesome and I wish I was that frigging confident of a person. Then I clicked on the product video featuring Rhianna and that’s when I realized this product isn’t FOR anyone. It’s to showcase how fucking sensational Rhianna is and to get a select few people who think they can wear a rave glitter to purchase it and never wear it.

Am I just seriously showing my age? Or did I crack some sort of marketing secret? Or should I go ahead and click purchase (you know it’s in my cart) and then wear it to the four family get-together’s I’ll have to attend this summer? Ugh, not even sure this post had meaning, just needed someone else to be like “yeah girl, I’ve been there.” Do you have a pair of knee-high 4-inch snakeskin boots in a shopping cart somewhere on the inter webs? Tell me I’m not alone! (And tell me where those boots are from!)

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