Work Hard, Play Hard…Struggle Hard ?

Dealing with the Effects of Being a Weekend Warrior, Full-time Worker & Nonstop Worrier

If anyone out there is following along with my blog, I don’t want y’all to think I’m just a surly parent, eating and rocking my way through life. I wish I could just do that. That’s not my M.O. though. My guiding philosophy is all about working hard. You can play as hard as you want but you better believe your ass is still getting everything done and being a productive member of this world, while keeping a clean house.

“If this floor don’t shine like the backside of the Chrysler building, your backsides will!” – Miss Hannigan (Any Annie fans?)

This has been something instilled in me from my parents. “You do your homework before you can go outside to play”-type philosophy. I’m going to do my best to pass it along to my kid, minus the crippling anxiety I seemed to develop. My problem is if I don’t “absolve for my sins”, as I see it (I was raised Catholic…I know that’s a whole other Pandora’s box), I get all these thoughts that basically I’m an awful person and a POS. Lately, I’ve been realizing how detrimental that is to my mental health. Maybe it was becoming a mom and thinking “I’d never want my baby to think these thoughts about herself!” (Unless she does grow up to be an awful person – HA!) Enough rambling and side talks to myself. If you’re like me and find yourself always being your own worst enemy there is time to turn it around! What have I been doing to do less ‘struggle hard’ and more ‘work hard, play hard, pride hard’?

Yoga, Cardi B, and Embracing Myself

Yoga has brought a sense of serenity to my constantly spinning mind. I’ve practiced yoga for about a decade but I am by NO MEANS a yogi, or close to it. I started by taking one class a week at a local gym. I attended that on and off for a few years then started some home practices, thanks to YouTube. Last year I discovered Yoga By Adriene. This past January I decided to follow along with her Dedicate playlist. A 30 day playlist she created for the new year. I did it everyday for 30 days. It completely changed my game. For the first time ever I found myself actually connecting with…my self.

Her prompts and teaching style are like none I’ve come across. She has a beginner series for any newbs and a ton of other playlists to get you movin the days you need some strength, and meditation for the days you need a different kind of strength. Her encouragement and reminders to be easy on yourself are genuine. I find I cherish the time I take for myself in those videos. It’s made me reflect on who I am and take pause to not be so harsh. I encourage anyone out there who hasn’t tried yoga yet to tune into one of her videos and give it a whirl, you have nothing to lose! Bonus: she’s a Wutang fan so I always appreciate when she throws up the ‘W’! Adriene, if you somehow came across this post, thank you!

“Down nine times but I get up ten” – It’s Yo’ Girl, Cardi B

I know Cardi B has a lot of lovers & haters. I’m honestly pretty neutral, I respect the heck out of what she’s been able to do for herself. When I was still running I found an affinity for “Get Up Ten”. I’ve talked about this with a lot of other lady pals and they agree, it gets you pumped up. Listening to it and hearing her words and realizing what a crazy-ass life she must have had makes me think about myself. What are my problems? This cat has it right, you get knocked down but you have to keep getting up. It’s that tenth time you find the strength & stride you need to keep going. Also, Cardi OWNS the shit out of who she is. That’s something I very much admire. Don’t just accept your “flaws” embrace them. Flaws are what make us human and who we are. Who wants to be perfect?! ;p

One of my favorite quotes, ever.

Like Mr. Lee, these simple words pack so much kick it’s almost surprising. I’ve always loved this quote and reading it over and over like a mantra helps it sink it. Sure I haven’t turned into a Terminator or Jedi, yet. But If you keep thinking toxic thoughts about yourself, you’ll end up being a self-fulfilling prophecy, and you’ll never be able to realize your full potential. Keep your mind strong. You got this.

I’m not sure I intended for this to be a pick-me up post, but I’m glad it turned out to be. How do you keep yourself up when you find yourself being your own worst enemy?

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