Make Time for the Simple Pleasures

It sounds silly since it’s such an easy thing to do, but one of my favorite things to do is listen to music through my head phones. It’s a secret thing only you and your body knows about. Yet, at the same time millions of people share the same love and emotions when listening to the same songs, sometimes even at the same time! The ability to be transported to another space while doing something totally unrelated and connecting to strangers’ words, voice, and talents – I find it fascinating and love it.

Honestly, I forgot how incredible music sounds filling up your ear canals. I had taken for granted what a small luxury that is. Lately the windows to listen to music in this manner are few and far between because of my current location on my map of life. I actually hadn’t done it in a while so when I did I had a total eargasm. I know, gross, but also, you know what I’m talking about.

I actually hadn’t done it in a while so when I did I had a total eargasm.

After realizing the simplicity of this joy I’ve been making an effort to do this more and get back into it. Listening usually makes me more productive – I’ll write or research decorations for my halloween party – or it at least gets me to stop watching the same Bojack or Frasier re-runs that I go zombie-mode over and fall asleep on the couch.

This is something that sets me apart from my husband. He is not a music fanatic like myself. He has his own unique interests. That’s what initially attracted us to each other. We were so different from people we’d normally hung out with but still had so much in common. It’s the simple pleasures you do that relax and bring you joy that give you character. It’s how you retain your individuality and not turn into a mindless, gaping, meatbag. Swiping, constantly.

These simple things keep us human. They keep us talking and connecting. They are necessary for a happy life with soul and depth, not just surface looks.

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