I Know I Turned the Lights Off

A Southern Spook!

Last weekend I was in the historic, vibrant, and boozy city of Savannah, Georgia. What a town! My liver had a blast. As did my stomach. Overall my organs enjoyed some seriously decadent dinners & libations.

The occasion for an August trip to Savannah? A bachelorette party. (Insert a Billie Eilish ‘duh’) Apparently Savannah is one the bachelorette meccas for basic bitches, JK! Love my girls! The maid of honor found a nice Airbnb in the historic district that was able to accommodate the 13 gals in attendance. It was a unique old mansion, updated, and awaiting a gaggle of tourists to spike their bloodstreams for a few days, Real World-style.

If you’ve never been to Savannah it has a dreamy cobblestone landscape with quite the history. The first night in town we went on a haunted pub crawl (highly recommend) and learned a lot about the crazy and sordid events of the past (aka slavery, murders, speakeasys, lovers quarrels, just some overall shady shit).

The three days in town were action packed. Aforementioned pub crawl, visit to Tybee Island, lunches at Fannies and Hitch, dinners at a.Lure and River House, rooftop drinks at Top Deck and Rocks on the Roof, a drag show at Club One (YASS), dueling pianos, lots of bar hopping, shopping, and eating our way through the city, while also somehow finding time to also chill at at our sick Airbnb on East Hall Street and peruse through ‘Bodies to Excite”.

The Airbnb was rustic yet modern, full of original woodwork, extremely high ceilings, “servant” staircase & quarters, and stained glass windows throughout, in addition to a private back courtyard w/a fire pit and in-ground pool. Definitely an amazing party house. On Saturday morning I was snooping through a book case out on the sunporch while a few of us were hanging out. The cabinets and shelves throughout the rest of the house had some cool antiques so I was just curious. I opened the door to find these creepy ass racist statues:

These are not the ones from the Airbnb, but these were exactly what they looked like. This image is from: https://4ormypeople.com/jah/2019/4/18/the-birth-of-black-american-stereotypes

Everyone else in the room was just as turned off as I was. The way they were hidden away was unsettling, like they were hiding a secret. I quickly tucked them away and forgot about them.

Flash forward a few hours when everyone was getting ready to leave for the evening. As I was waiting for the rest of the group to come down and call our Ubers I was walking through the kitchen and living space, tidying up and turning off the lights. I remember making a point to turn the lights off and thinking to myself my husband would be proud because at home he’s always on me about wasting electricity! A few minutes later everyone had come down to the porch and we were on our way. The Airbnb had one of those key lock doors, so every time we’d leave it was “what’s the code again?!”.

Smash cut to about 12:30 AM Sunday morning when the first group of us arrive back to the house. We pull up to see the house lit up from the first floor to the third floor, all lights on. Weird, because I specifically remember turning them all off before. As I was standing on the sidewalk wondering at the house, I heard Amy say the door was unlocked. “That can’t be” I thought. I remember Amber locking it before we left. We phoned back to the group that stayed out. Amber was ADAMANT she locked the door. My sister who was standing next to her while she locked the door was ADAMANR Amber locked the door as well. She witnessed her lock it and even checked it again to ensure it locked. We took two steps inside and then started to feel really freaked out. What if the Uber driver or a passerby heard us shouting the code and came back to rob us? We called 911 and explained the situation. They were reassuring and sent over two squad cars. Two officers started going through the house, guns drawn, shouting “SAVANNAH PD!” upon entering each room. Meanwhile, the six of us stood downstairs with the other reassuring officer.

Upon a sweep of the house, the two officers came back down to us and told us they didn’t think we were robbed. They walked us into the kitchen where some cash was on the counter and pointed out that would have been gone had someone broken in. They also pointed out the four or five flat screen TVs that were not stolen. These were a couple signs no one broke in. The officers were super kind and then proceeded to walk with us through the rest of the house to make sure none of our luggage was messed with.

As we were thanking the officers and walking them to the door one officer started asking us if we were familiar with the history of Savannah and how it’s a haunted town. We shared we weren’t before this trip but learned about it the previous night. He then told us this wasn’t the first time he’s been called to that exact same Airbnb for the exact same reason. My sister wanted to go sleep at the airport, no joke.

Even now writing this out and after telling a handful of people that story I am still getting goosebumps. The officers left and a few moments later the other girls came home because by this point someone had texted them what was going on. We were all re-grouping in the living room when Amy said “Jessie, you woke up the ghosts or something earlier when you opened that cupboard and pulled out those statues!”. I completely forgotten about those. My night’s sleep was very unrestful that evening. A few short hours later my flights home were terrible: delayed, crowded, and turbulent. As I was jostling around in the plane, thinking about the freaky events of the night before I couldn’t help but think maybe I did disturb something that wasn’t meant to be messed with. Maybe that was their way of saying “GTFO” of here, you’re no longer welcome.

What do you think? I’ve been trying to see if I can find information or any reports on hauntings on East Hall Street or anything eerie associated with those statues. So far I’ve come up empty handed but I do know that was one of the freakiest things I’ve ever experienced. I’m not a ghost hunter nor am I a total skeptic, I’m just a bunch of bones taking in experiences here on earth.

Have you had something unexplainably creepy happen to you? Share with us!

In front of the Airbnb…after what happened the Spanish moss in the trees is almost ominous

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