Lizzo, Yassssss

Ummm am I the only person ADDICTED to Lizzo lately? I can’t be! Her beats are cool as hell.

What makes her so amazing?

Her! She is raw, interesting, and all about herself. Such a refreshing sound for women to hear. You don’t need a man or relationship, love yourself for who you are. She a beast, a baller, a bad ass bitch.

If you are late to the game go check her out. Start with ‘Truth Hurts’ and just let Spotify play you her tunes. Her lyrics are empowering and fun, and her songs are straight fire. Good As Hell and Boys are among some other faves. Also, follow her on Twitter, if you’re a tweeter. (I am.)

Truth Hurts:

Anyone else digging this girl? LMK down below!

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