Get More Flavor Out of Your Wine

What has your wine done for you lately? This is a 15 second read for a hot tip on more flavorful wine.

Next time you’re having people over for dinner, a party, or know you’re gonna want a nice glass of vino at the end of your day this one simple tip will enhance the flavor ten-fold. What is it? Just open it! Open it a few hours before you’re going to serve it and you’ll notice a definite difference. Don’t believe me? Try a taste test. Get two of the same bottle. Open one 3-4 hours before you have a glass, then open the second bottle and compare. (Be sure you have at least one companion to share with, or wear a helmet so you don’t get hurt!)

I had heard this tip a few times and yesterday was the first time I put it to practice. I was blown away! I was drinking a 2017 McManis Cabernet. I think it was an $11 bottle. The bottle that was open all afternoon was PACKED with flavor. It was like those old Hawaiian Punch commercials. The flavors punched me right in the kissa! But in a very delightful way.

Have you tried this or know about this wino secret? Comment below with any other fantastic wine advice!

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