Perfect Strip Steak

Overcooked or flavorless steaks no more! First time’s a charm with this simple recipe!


two strip steaks

kosher salt (or himilayan pink or sea salt)

Butter Mixture

Three TBS butter

1.5 tsp Garlic cloves

1 tsp Worcester

Dash of Italian seasoning or thyme


Take the steaks out at least 30 minutes before grilling. Sprinkle each side with salt, set aside. Prep butter mixture in small dish, then split evenly onto each dinner plate. Butter should be soft but not melted. Get your grill up to a hot, hot heat. Grill steaks 2-3 minutes , rotate 45 degrees, grill 1-2 minutes on the same side, then flip and repeat on other side. Place steaks on top of butter mixture on plates once done. Let sit 8-10 minutes before eating. Pour a glass of red or make a cocktail and savor the hell out of it.


Depending on your grill and how you like your steaks cooked, you might need to adjust your times but this combo worked amazing for me. The butter compound just needs to be semi-mixed together. When you place the steak on top of the butter it takes care of itself and melts everything together in a savory goodness.