Cheers, September!

Football’s back, the weather is cooling off, and the basic bitches are somehow coming up with ways to sexualize mr. rogers’ into a halloween costume, that’s right, it’s time to say goodbye summer and welcome everything fall.

Here is a collection of what I imbibed in, give high remarks, and what’s not worth the cash. Be it a tasty new cab, shot-gunning 13 light beers at a tailgate, apple picking and enjoying drool-inducing fall beers, or making dinner on a Saturday with a nice homemade cocktail to kick-back with. Here’s what’s making me say: “Cheers, September!”

Replica Cabernet…divine! Coming in around $15 a bottle this red is enveloping and smooth. Like a velvet blanket to settle into at the end of the night, highly recommend! (Just realized their tag is ‘just right’, bravo!)

Southern Tier Pumpking…gurrrl, this shit is bomb and you’ll feel like you made out with a handsome jack-o-lantern. If you’ve never enjoyed a glass, please, if you’re reaching for the pumpkin spice already then add this to your list! Warning high ABV so you actually might go down on a pumpkin pie if you have more than one…American Pie fashion.

Moscow Mule…a classic. This is one of my go-to homemade bevies. This recipe is versatile and doesn’t have to be stuck on the summer patios. Bring it with you throughout the fall and winter months! Click here for my mule recipe.

Lord Hobo Boom Sauce…just say yes. There’s a bar across the street from my salon. On days when I have some time to kill between life and my hair appointment I’ll stop in and enjoy a pint of Lord Hobo Boom Sauce (it’s a standard on their draft list). It’s consistently delicious. It’s a tall drink of water with regard to the flavor profile (double IPA), ABV, and basically everything about it. It’s like a high school quarterback – always cool, always winning, always dropping the boom.

Bread & Butter Rose…disappointing. This bottle falls in the $15 give or take range. Honestly, for the price, I’d pass on it. For a rose it’s a little too tart and dry for my liking.

Menagois A Trois Rose…yes! If you’ve never had a glass of any of Menagois a Trois’ wines, do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle next time you’re not sure what to get. They have an array of blends and like their other bottles this rose is a generous lover.

Labatt Blue Light…popcorn, peanuts, who needs a beer!? If you’re from the Western New York region Labatt’s line-up was part of your birthright. You might have watched your dad and his friends drink these, it probably was one of your first sips of alcohol. Like Frank’s Hot Sauce and horseradish, Blue or Blue Light are refrigerator standards for people in my region of the USA. On game-day Blue Light is a perfect companion and pairs well with all your riot fuel: pizza, wings, nachos, doritos, all the healthy stuff. This is an easy drinking pilsner that won’t hurt your wallet or hit you like some of our dreamy craft beer friends. I could go on about Blue Light, but I’ll stop here because it’s time to gush about….

42 North Brewing’s Borderland IPA…I had the privilege of attending the namesake of this beer, the Borderland music festival at Knox Farm, East Aurora, NY. Like the festival, this IPA will dazzle you and have you talking for days afterward. Served of course at the festival, it is a perfect festival beverage. It has a stronger ABV (6.8%) but if you’re walking around a music fest, this is the perfect sipper to cruise around to. After two, you’re ready to rock. If you’re an IPA lover I strongly recommend a can of this brew, should you ever come across. Also, should you ever find yourself in the good fortune of being in Western New York during September, get yourself a ticket to Borderland.

Disclaimer: I am by no means endorsed or compensated by any of these breweries, wineries, distilleries, Borderland music festival, or sexy Mr. Rogers. However, if anyone is looking for an endorsement deal, high, momma is always open to proposals.

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