Cheers, October!

Updated! Check out some ghouly cocktails added 10.28.19

It’s officially spooky pumpkin season. October and July have to be two of the best months of the year, especially if you live in a place with the change of all four seasons. Nothing beats the autumnal collage of colors on the foliage. (Dreamily staring far off) Anyway, here’s what I’ve been cracking open so far this mystical month.

Homemade “warlock” -Warlock is a delightful imperial from Southern Tier Brewery. However, if you want to expand your beer mileage and get a bit more bang for your buck, grab a 6 pack of porters and a 6 of pumpkin ales (your choice!). Pour half a pumpkin in your glass then add half the porter and voila! You have yourself some homemade warlock! It helps to have a partner since you use half of each beer, but if it’s just you, I salute your endeavors!

The ingredients in my homemade warlock

Hot Cider & Spiced Rum – a classic warm-your-bones drink. Heat up some cider slowly on the stove top (or microwave if you’re in a rush!). While that’s heating, pour a nice shot of rum (I always have Captain Mo on hand but any spiced rum will do) in a mug. Once the cider is sufficiently warm (don’t boil) add to your vessel and throw a cinnamon stick in for effect. These are great to have while you trick or treat, or as a nice warm evening pick me up anytime throughout the fall!

Dark & Stormy – this drink was going to be a signature cocktail for my Halloween party but apparently it turns out I don’t like black rum! Ugh I was very disappointed because this drink recipe couldn’t be simpler: ice, ginger beer, lime juice and black rum….what’s not to love? Ginger beer and lime are the key components of a Moscow mule but for whatever reason that black rum is a major “ehhh, no thanks” for me. Anyone like black rum and want a bottle? Message me your address! ;p

Cocktail menu at the party

Cinnamon Whiskey Sangria – I had a Stranger Things themed Halloween party and labeled this drink “the upside down”. It’s dark, strong and will take you to the other side. Unlike most sangrias this isn’t for those who can’t drink. On the contrary it packs a punch, no pun intended. To make:

1 750mL bottle red blend ( I used Lindemans Red Blend)

1/2 c cinnamon whiskey (I used fireball)

1 c apple cider

Mix all ingredients together in a pitcher or large vessel. Throw in some apple slices for a garnish and let it sit over night if possible. I made mine the morning of and it was still full of flavor. I definitely needed to make adjustments, so feel free to play around but those are the base ingredients I’d suggest starting with.

Who’s Will? – Now that name was just for the sake of the party but it could be called “Autumn Apple Gin” or something like that. This is a drink I will make over and over throughout the fall. It’s tasty, light, drinkable, and involves gin. Need i say more? To make:

1.5 oz of gin

.5 oz lemon juice

.5 oz apple cider

Ginger beer

Nutmeg for garnish (optional)

Mix the first three ingredients over a glass with ice, pour in about 1/3-1/2 can of ginger beer and dash some nutmeg over the top. Enjoy!