Quarantined AF

Crazy times is an understatement. The world’s been flipped-turned-upside down, and instead of getting sent to your rich aunt and uncle’s mansion in Bel Air the world is slowly closing down. If you do venture out it’s a surreal experience. It’s hard not to feel a strange sense of quiet panic among the empty grocery store shelves or streets of no one. I wanted to share my experience so far. If anyone else was bored enough to chime in, I’m here for you, dog.

I am in the population of people who are currently pregnant (4 months) and raising a toddler (2.5 year old to be exact). I’m working from home and it’s a shit show. My husband is not home because he’s technically an essential employee so my overall point is being sober through all this sucks D. Ha! Seriously, if you’re able to imbibe during this time, good for you, and have a swig and a puff for me. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love being able to let my daughter sleep in and take her time in the morning waking up. The bed head and cereal together, letting her run around the house all day and receiving hugs and “love you mommy”s every 10 minutes. However, the reality of trying to work full-time on top of changing diapers & chasing naked butts around, making snack after snack, and not 100% neglecting her developing mind (which I totally feel like I am because I’m trying to fit in conference calls and renditions of ‘Frozen 2’) is hard. I’m trying to keep a semi-routine alive but it’s def a getting more difficult with each day. I’m not sure if it’s the overwhelming sense of total unknowing that the entire world is finding itself in or the burn-out feeling that peaks around 8pm, or all of it combined. It’s just a lot to swallow, on the wagon.

How are you all managing? I completely support and comply with the social distancing and understand the full scope and ramifications of what’s happening. I know if I take a moment to breathe, reflect, and realize everyone is in this same boat and floating through this crazy fog together I can relax and see that things aren’t that bad. Like I said, I needed to vent a moment and see if there were any high mommas (or daddies) out there in the same kind of boat as mine.

Hope everyone is well and managing the best they can during all this! 🤞🙏

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