Parental Angst and Quarantine

It’s day 3,000 of quarantine and I just finished trying to explain to my partner how I’m already having mixed emotions about life returning to normal in a few short-long weeks. Realistically, I’ve been working from home since March 16th. It’s been a weird few weeks. It’s like your starring in your own version of […]

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Quarantined AF

Crazy times is an understatement. The world’s been flipped-turned-upside down, and instead of getting sent to your rich aunt and uncle’s mansion in Bel Air the world is slowly closing down. If you do venture out it’s a surreal experience. It’s hard not to feel a strange sense of quiet panic among the empty grocery […]

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Easy Antipasto Recipe

Looking for a hearty “salad” to chomp down this winter? This antipasto recipe is chocked full of olives, cheeses, cured meats, breadsticks, and a hint of lettuce to keep it in the salad category but not necessarily the healthy category. Prep Time: 10 minutes (includes openings of jars) Ingredients: Bag Italian salad mix Bundle of […]

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I have eleven drafts going on my blog. I’ve opened them, wrote, edited, deleted. I officially have, not just writer’s block, but brain block. Spoiler: this post is not sharp-toothed or insightfully written, it’s an open forum to share your point of view with me,if you so desire (which I hope you do!). I told […]

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Fear & Loathing Through Parenthood, Part 3: Separation, Time, and Watching your Baby Grow

This one gets a little philosophical, but a nice refresher to never doubt yourself as a mom. Ever. As a parent, or soon-to-be, you’ll receive lots of advice and opinions you didn’t ask for. Sometimes all you can do is just smile and nod. On Being a Working Mom, Stay at Home, Part-Time, Full-Time – […]

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