Facing Change

David, a true GOAT
Image from wikipedia

I had an unexpected employment opportunity pop out of the blue a couple weeks ago. It appears it went well as I am now in the midst of a career switch. I’m anxious to leave my current position. I’ve been there a few years and felt I finally was settling into a groove in my role with the agency as well as a first time working parent. I also have a few awesome co-workers and we vibe so well. I was so distraught over what I am leaving that I almost kind of didn’t realize what I was going to be getting into.

First, this opportunity is a major resume booster and wallet booster. If not for the good of me but the for the good of my family I had to take this job. My cats want to eat sushi, dammit!

After the dust settled from telling my current position I’m moving on up and getting that out of the way, the anticipation started kicking in for my upcoming new start date. Upon some cloudy thinking I was focusing on all the possibilities that lie ahead with this new gig. I started to realize I am excited. I do work hard and I do deserve this! I felt I’ve been apologetic about it but now I’m realizing I have nothing to apologize for. I earned this and I’m going to own it. (Geez did I smoke some kush or inject steroids?!)

It’s like that first day of school feeling. Like the “I’m going to turn it all around this year” type thing. I’m going to date the QB of our football team.

New leafs are exciting. Start fresh the way I want and take this as a chance to step into the shoes I actually want to be wearing. I’m going to speak my mind and be myself. It’s what all the greats do. David Bowie wore a flaming red mullet with his milky complexion and glitter face paint and didn’t apologize or flinch. He owned his persona. Now, I’m not saying I’m David Bowie, but it’s all in how you carry yourself. Your confidence in the things you know you can accomplish. That’s what I was starting to realize in those smoke clouds. Don’t just face chance, embrace it as an opportunity to shine. Let your Ziggy Stardust out! (I’m also taking these thoughts as an indicator this is a good move.)

Have you been in a similar situation? Or have you typically been like me, apologizing for or down-playing your accomplishments? Share you stories with me! I’m loving this newfound sense of confidence and want to hear about people who turned to face the changes, too.

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