Pro Tip: Pair Your Soda Water & Beer

Wegmans’ Watermelon Sparkling Water & Founder’s Green Zebra

I came across this life hack a bit ago, and when you have the ability to flavor match, treat yourself to a hydrating yet boozy day or night (you know I won’t judge). I was drinking Founders’ Green Zebras last night and needed to hydrate in between beers. Luckily, I had watermelon soda waters on hand. It was a match made in heaven! You see, the Green Zebras are a wonderful summer gose, with watermelon & sea salt flavors. It might be the beer of summer 2019.

Notes about Founders Green Zebra. I’ve linked to the brewery’s page about the beer, but personally these are like candy! Sweet but not too sweet with a bit of a tang, and at 4.6% these are a perfect “session” drinker for days at the beach, camping, vacationing festivaling, laying down mulch and weeding your garden, throwing a few back on the deck after the kids are in bed…these go with anything you’ll be doing this summer. Bonus: green zebra can art.

Notes about flavored waters. I know these exploded on the scene back in 2017 and I’m not ashamed to say these helped me through my pregnancy as a delightful bubbly treat to take the place of my alcoholic bubbly treats. Three cheers for flavored sparkling waters!

As I come across other great pairings to help keep you hydrated yet buzzed, I’ll share to my ‘Booze’ category.

Cheers! Prost! Booyakasha!

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