Album Notes: “Help Us Stranger” by The Raconteurs

I made this graphic!

Not gonna lie, I wasn’t expecting much from this album. Based off White’s ‘Boarding House Reach’ in 2018 could you blame me?! That album was a little lackluster IMO (Actually, IMO it was a hot pile of garbage but I’d hate for Jack White to ever come across this post and read that and get upset. I know he puts his soul into his work and I just did not care for BHR – sorry Jack!) Some people loved it I’m sure, which I’m glad. I’ve been a J-Dubbs fan for over a decade. I’m not trying to be like “I HEARD HIM FIRST”, but I’m saying I definitely have a strong respect & fondness for what he and Meg did with the The White Stripes. As well as his work with The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs, as a solo artist, and as a freaking genius businessman with Third Man Records. Also, if you haven’t seen ‘It Might Get Loud’ go watch it now! (One of my fav parts of that is when JW says “someone’s getting punched in the face”. Also, quick side, personally The Edge being the third star on it never made much sense to me. I’m sure there’s rhyme & reason as I’m not in the business so have no real idea why it was legendary Jimmy Page, Jack White, and The Edge…just seemed random.)

Anywho, if you have not yet listened to “Help Us Stranger” go listen. Now. It’s fantastic! It reminds me a bit of ‘Lazaretto’ style with some exquisite rock tunes, and some heartfelt lyrical numbers (Only Child & Somedays really caught me off guard).

Plus the color scheme & album art is spunky and funky. Love the black and green & street crossing signs. Simple & meaningful.

I give it 4 Jack Whites out of 5. (clapping emoji)

Tune in & let me know your thoughts!

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