No-Fail French Toast


This recipe is bare-bones but always comes out fantastic!


Sliced bread (I use Italian, but use whatever you have on hand. My mom used to use Wonder bread and it kept me happy.)

Eggs (# depends on how much bread you’re using. I do one egg per slice of bread)

Splash of milk (you can use half & half, too if you’re in a pinch. Use about a tablespoon. I eyeball it but if you’re a perfectionist go with a TBS.)

Dash of nutmeg

Butter (Duh. Is anything worth making without butter?)


Whisk eggs and milk together. Heat up butter in frying pan on medium heat. Dash your nutmeg in the mixture before you toss your bread in. Then, soak your bread slices so it gets all that eggy goodness. Make sure it’s nice and saturated. Place bread in pan and let each side fry up, about two minutes or until it starts crisping up and turns light brown. Flip and repeat. Serve up with butter, syrup, fresh fruit, or powdered sugar. Eat this on its own or with a breakfast smorgasbord and enjoy 🙂

Parent side note bonus: For me this is a great way to get my toddler to get some eggs in her belly without her knowing.

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